Do you have a passion for a non-profit foundation or organization? Whether you support a missionary family in Africa or you are a soccer team mom or Scout Master, we appreciate your commitment to an organization that you believe in.

At sweetdesireashland.com, we understand that your time and your members' budgets are stretched thin, and you need something that works.

There is no doubt that today's economy and higher taxes have impacted charitable contributions. Well-meaning and generous people simply cannot donate as much as they have in the past.

What if a percentage of everyday purchases could be directed toward your organization?

What if your organization had a private shopping mall where all purchases earned a commission? What if the private shopping mall was full of discounts and savings? Wouldn't your supporters be excited to participate?

Find out how your non-profit can earn hundreds of dollars each month simply by encouraging members to shop for the things they need. It will be easy for your members to say "YES!" to this fundraiser.

  • The program is simple and very powerful.
  • You can raise funds all year long.
  • Money will continue to come in year after year.
  • 100% automated - your organization will make money without doing anything.
  • You do not need web skills.
  • EXTRA BONUS - your organization can earn a $100 "finders fee" every time a new organization signs up based on your recommendation.

Myth: All fundraisers are a lot of work!

Magazine sales and cookie dough sales are great fundraisers, but they ARE a lot of work, and require your time to distribute the packets and manage the bookkeeping and delivery. Our program requires no effort on your part — and not only that — your supporters will enjoy contributing (that is, if they enjoy shopping!). Your web page will have weekly specials and holiday discounts so your supporters may actually SAVE MONEY while your organization makes money!

Don't get me wrong, other types of fundraisers can be very beneficial. In fact, once you join the program, you'll notice that we have links to some tremendous fundraisers.

Here is an example of a fundraiser webpage for The Haven, a non-profit located in Tucson Arizona. The Haven works exclusively with women, and women with children, as they recover from the ravages of addiction to substances.

Each web page we create contains links to over 200 merchants in 40 or more categories with brief descriptions of each advertiser so your members can go right to the merchants that interest them.

How Does This Program Work?

Internet advertising has been around for more than 20 years - we see it everywhere. Web page owners have made fortunes by placing banner advertisements on their websites. There are thousands of merchants who will happily pay a commission to the owner of a website when visitors click on their ad and make a purchase.

Whether your organization is a church youth group, or Little League team, or scholarship foundation, you can become an internet publisher and use internet advertising to raise a substantial amount of money.

When your organization hosts a webpage with advertisements, you become an internet publisher. The advertiser pays the publisher a commission for purchases that initiated from the publisher's webpage. The commission varies with each advertiser - it can be anywhere from 1% to 50%.

Imagine how great it will be for your organization to receive that first check in the mail. And then another check the following month! Don't miss this great opportunity to use the power of the internet to support your non-profit.

Additional reasons to select sweetdesireashland.com

  • Merchants often do not charge sales tax. Your members will save money on these purchases.
  • We have over 400 advertisers in over 50 categories to choose from, and are adding new ones each week. Your members will appreciate the variety.
  • Your page can be customized with ads that are appropriate for your organization. For example the "Wine and Beer" category may not be right for every organization.
  • There is an easy-to-find weekly "Specials" page. Your members may decide to save time and dollars by only visiting the weekly specials page.

Maybe you are considering using some of these ideas to create your own web page. After all, web design is fairly simple and certainly doesn't require a degree in rocket science. Before you make that decision, keep reading. We're pretty certain that our value proposition is solid.

The sweetdesireashland.com Annual Package includes:

  • A unique Internet domain name - a $40 value
  • A hosted website for a year - a $1200 value
  • A web page with hundreds of customized affiliate links - a $250 value
  • A "specials" page that is updated weekly with current money-saving offers for your members - a $400 value
  • A weekly newsletter for your members with specials and promotional ideas - a $400 value
  • A free 30 minute consultation by phone - a $150 value
This annual package is worth over $2,400, but we are offering it to you at no cost.

You can get started for FREE!

Why do we give away so much? Once your page starts earning commissions, we earn a small percentage, too. Each month, we will deduct 20% of your organization's income before sending you a check. The more income you generate, the more income we earn. So it is important to us that you do very well. We're so confident that your supporters will generate a steady commission income that we're willing to get you started for free and host your webpage in exchange for only 20% of your commission income.

After one year, if your webpage is still generating income — like we know it will — your website will be extended another year at no cost to you. If your non-profit's webpage is not generated income, you will have the choice of paying $200 per month to keep the website going, or letting the page and domain name expire.

Requirements for joining our program

  • Participants are over 18 years old
  • Your organization is a non-profit institution
  • Your organization has a checking account for depositing checks
  • You can provide e-mail addresses for at least 12 of your members

Why do we need 12 e-mail addresses?

The first reason: The success of your fundraiser is important to you and it's important to us. We want to help you be as successful as possible. This should not be an impulsive decision by one person. When you provide 12 names and e-mail addresses we know that you have discussed this with your organization and together you have made an informed decision. The others will be as excited as you are about this new fundraising opportunity. Hint: If a husband and wife each have an e-mail address, we would consider that two e-mail addresses. This should not be difficult for you.

The second reason: We will help you market your fundraiser by sending your core group an occasional reminder of seasonal specials and give them ideas for sharing the URL link with others. They will also have the opportunity to subscribe to a weekly newsletter, and will always be able to opt out of both e-mails.

How do you get started?

Simply fill out this short form. If approved for the program, you will be contacted for additional information that will help us customize your fundraiser page.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Carol Stickley

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